The World Language Documentation Centre

The World Language Documentation Centre, a non-profit making organisation that champions linguistic research and facilitates the needs of linguistic communities, is internationally democratic and diplomatic with a remit that is worldwide.

The WLDC Board comprises 22 experts representing the fields of language and terminology standardisation, localisation, and linguistics from around the world.  The aims and objectives of the WLDC are wide and far reaching and include:

  • To ensure evaluation, enrichment, maintenance and sustainability of the wealth of information about the languages of the world forming the content of the WLDC and ISO 639-6 databases.
  • To liaise with the organizations that contribute information and other resources to the WLDC e.g. GeoLang Ltd as ISO 639-6 Registration Authority, BSI as ISO 639-6 Maintenance Agency, ISO 639 JAC for all ISO 639 Alpha three coded languages, OmegaWiki for community supplied information.
  • To facilitate the needs of linguistic communities where a trusted party is required to act as intermediary. 
  • To research, facilitate and construct information on the world’s language and speech communities providing the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights in written, spoken and signed modes of communication.
  • To facilitate the multilingual Internet by providing detailed information on the writing systems of the world that will include mapping to the Unicode standard.

Membership of the WLDC is open to anyone showing a genuine interest in contributing towards the aims and objectives of the World Language Documentation Centre.  Minimal membership fees are proposed and these fees will be used to further the aims and objectives of the WLDC and the end user communities that we serve.

The WLDC was launched in February 2007 and this web site is still very much under construction.   Membership details will be posted shortly. For further information please email us at: